Q: What are your sizes of cheesecakes and how many does each serve?
A: 4" cheesecake (serves 1-4) in all 21 varieties.
6" cheesecake (serves 6) in all 21 varieties.
8" cheesecake (serves 10) in all 21 varieties — Special Order item
10" cheesecake (serves 14-16) in all 21 varieties
1/2 sheet cheesecake (serves 40) in select varieties

Q: How do Grand Rapids Cheesecake Company cakes differ from others you see on the internet?
A: Our 10" cheesecakes weigh a whopping 4 lbs. We don't over decorate. Our toppings and fillings are used as a complement to our cheesecakes and don't distract from the rich flavor and creamy texture. Our cheesecakes are made fresh and then flash frozen to ensure flavor. Our stock is rotated every week so you can be sure of a fresh, flavorful product.

Q: How early should I order my Cheesecakes?
A: Please give us as much lead time as possible. A minimum of 3 days is recommended, with 1 week for large orders. If you have a tighter deadline please contact us.

Q: Do your cheesecakes come sliced?
A: No. However, we can slice them for a nominal fee. Or, you can stop by and pick up individual slices packaged for sale.

Q: Do you only make cheesecake?
A: No. We offer a variety of locally produced dessert themed items including fudge, beer jellys and honey.

Q: Can you ship your cheesecakes?
A: Yes, we're working on an insulated box for shipping our world class desserts. Contact us for more information if you live outside of West Michigan.

21 flavors come standard,
stop by and try a slice today. Seasonal, and custom flavors available upon request. Contact us to get started on your order today.
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Over 25 Cheesecake Flavors Including:

BANANA CREAM - graham cracker crust with banana
cream in cake topped with whipped topping.

BLACK FOREST - chocolate crust, cherry and chocolate in cake topped with chocolate and cherries.

BLUEBERRY - graham cracker crust, blueberry in cake, topped with blueberry.

BUTTERFINGER© CANDY BAR - chocolate crust, Butterfinger candy bar in cake, topped with chocolate and Butterfinger candy bar.

CAPPUCCINO - chocolate crust, chocolate and coffee flavoring in cake, topped with chocolate and chocolate chips.

CARAMEL - graham cracker crust, caramel mixed throughout the cake, topped with caramel

CHERRY - graham cracker crust, cherry in cake, topped with cherries.

*CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY - chocolate crust, light chocolate cake with raspberry, topped with chocolate and raspberry.

CHOCOLATE - chocolate crust, light chocolate flavor in cake, topped with chocolate.

COCONUT - graham cracker crust, coconut and coconut flavoring in the cake, topped with coconut flakes.

*COOKIE DOUGH - graham cracker crust, cookie dough in cake and topped with cookie dough pieces.

FUDGE SUNDAE - chocolate crust, chocolate in cake, topped with chocolate.

GLUTEN FREE - Oatmeal nut crust, regular cake.

HAZELNUT - chocolate crust, chocolate cake with hazelnut flavoring, topped with hazelnut spread.

HEATH© BAR CRUNCH - chocolate crust, Heath candy bar in cake, topped with chocolate and bits of Heath candy bar.

KAHLUA - chocolate crust, Kahlua in cake, topped with light chocolate flavored whipped topping.

KEY LIME - graham cracker crust, real key lime juice in cake, topped with whipped topping.

*MINT CHIP - Chocolate crust, mint flavored cake with Chocolate chips, topped with bits of chocolate chips.

NEW YORK - graham cracker crust, regular cake, more tart.

OREO© COOKIE - chocolate crust, Oreo cookies in cake, topped with whipped topping and Oreo cookies.

PEANUT BUTTER CUP - chocolate crust, Peanut Butter Cup candy bar in cake, topped with chocolate and bits of Peanut Butter Cup candy bar.

PUMPKIN - graham cracker crust, pumpkin in cake, topped with whipped topping.

RASPBERRY BASH - chocolate crust, raspberry and brownie pieces in cake, topped with chocolate and raspberry.

RASPBERRY - graham cracker crust, raspberry in cake, topped with raspberry.
SNICKERS© - chocolate crust, Snickers candy bar in cake, topped with chocolate and bits of Snickers candy bar.

STRAWBERRY - graham cracker crust, strawberry in cake, topped with strawberry & whipped topping.

TURTLE - chocolate crust, caramel, chocolate and pecans in cake, topped with caramel, chocolate and pecans.

*WHITE CHOCOLATE GRAND MARNIER - graham cracker crust, orange liqueur, orange zest and white chocolate in cake, topped with white chocolate.

*WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY - graham cracker crust, raspberry and white chocolate in cake, topped with white chocolate and raspberry.

*special order, allow three days lead time.

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Now serving seasonal micro-brew beer flavors. Including Founders Rubaeus Cheesecake!
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Non-Alcoholic Beer Jelly’s
Now on sale. Fantastic with our regular cheesecake.
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Grand Rapids Local First Business
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