Cheesecakes are what made us famous in West Michigan, and we do them better than anyone else. With a secret recipe perfected over decades, our cheesecakes are made from scratch daily right here in Grand Rapids. Always with local, all natural ingredients. Then flash frozen for a taste you will come back for. Stop by our cafe and enjoy a slice today, and order a cheesecake to take home with you.

In addition to traditional cheesecakes, we offer cheesecake by the slice and many cheesecake desserts
(ask us about our dessert bars for your next wedding or party):

Cheesecake Pops
Cheesecake Cones
Cheesecake Bites
Cheesecake Cupcakes

Over 25 flavors and growing. Seasonal, and custom flavors available upon request. To get started on your order today, fill out our
Specialty Cake or Cheesecake quote/order forms. Interested in a tasty, unique fundraiser for your organization? Check out our Fundraising page and get started today.
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Our Grandville location has a full cafe area. Stop in an enjoy a hot or cold beverage with your dessert!
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We are now carrying Sandy's Fudge at our store!! Sandy makes her fudge locally here in West Michigan. Stop in and pick some up!
Over 25 Cheesecake Flavors Including:

BANANA CREAM - graham cracker crust with banana
cream in cake topped with whipped topping.

BLACK FOREST - chocolate crust, cherry and chocolate in cake topped with chocolate and cherries.

BLUEBERRY - graham cracker crust, blueberry in cake, topped with blueberry.

BUTTERFINGER© CANDY BAR - chocolate crust, Butterfinger candy bar in cake, topped with chocolate and Butterfinger candy bar.

CAPPUCCINO - chocolate crust, chocolate and coffee flavoring in cake, topped with chocolate and chocolate chips.

CARAMEL - graham cracker crust, caramel mixed throughout the cake, topped with caramel

CHERRY - graham cracker crust, cherry in cake, topped with cherries.

*CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY - chocolate crust, light chocolate cake with raspberry, topped with chocolate and raspberry.

CHOCOLATE - chocolate crust, light chocolate flavor in cake, topped with chocolate.

COCONUT - graham cracker crust, coconut and coconut flavoring in the cake, topped with coconut flakes.

*COOKIE DOUGH - graham cracker crust, cookie dough in cake and topped with cookie dough pieces.

FUDGE SUNDAE - chocolate crust, chocolate in cake, topped with chocolate.

GLUTEN FREE - Oatmeal nut crust, regular cake.

HAZELNUT - chocolate crust, chocolate cake with hazelnut flavoring, topped with hazelnut spread.

HEATH© BAR CRUNCH - chocolate crust, Heath candy bar in cake, topped with chocolate and bits of Heath candy bar.

KAHLUA - chocolate crust, Kahlua in cake, topped with light chocolate flavored whipped topping.

KEY LIME - graham cracker crust, real key lime juice in cake, topped with whipped topping.

*MINT CHIP - Chocolate crust, mint flavored cake with Chocolate chips, topped with bits of chocolate chips.

NEW YORK - graham cracker crust, regular cake, more tart.

OREO© COOKIE - chocolate crust, Oreo cookies in cake, topped with whipped topping and Oreo cookies.

PEANUT BUTTER CUP - chocolate crust, Peanut Butter Cup candy bar in cake, topped with chocolate and bits of Peanut Butter Cup candy bar.

PUMPKIN - graham cracker crust, pumpkin in cake, topped with whipped topping.

RASPBERRY BASH - chocolate crust, raspberry and brownie pieces in cake, topped with chocolate and raspberry.

RASPBERRY - graham cracker crust, raspberry in cake, topped with raspberry.
SNICKERS© - chocolate crust, Snickers candy bar in cake, topped with chocolate and bits of Snickers candy bar.

STRAWBERRY - graham cracker crust, strawberry in cake, topped with strawberry & whipped topping.

TURTLE - chocolate crust, caramel, chocolate and pecans in cake, topped with caramel, chocolate and pecans.

*WHITE CHOCOLATE GRAND MARNIER - graham cracker crust, orange liqueur, orange zest and white chocolate in cake, topped with white chocolate.

*WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY - graham cracker crust, raspberry and white chocolate in cake, topped with white chocolate and raspberry.

*special order, allow three days lead time.

Grand Rapids Cheesecake Cafe
2255 Alpine Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544

Mon - Fri: 10am-8pm
Sat: 10am-2pm

ph: 616.447.9045
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